Saturday, January 22, 2011

Through the looking glasses?

That whole business of doing scary things is moving forward. 

Last week, the scary thing was the brisket.  While that didn't turn out ideally, the chopped beef creations were delicious.  I will be trying it again, and I feel confident that I can do a much better job the second time around. 

The fear to be faced this week is, again, two-fold.  It will require money and just doing something I have grown to hate.  What is that, you ask?  Wearing glasses.  I know, silly, right?

(Me going to the 8th grade homecoming dance in 1992)

For some background, I've worn glasses off and on my entire life.  I had a weak eye as a child, which crossed severely.  So, at two or three, I had coke bottle lenses in order to correct my wayward eye.  I stayed in glasses until high school.  It totally worked.  My right eye only crosses when I'm very tired (or drunk). 

As an adult, I had prescription reading glasses off and on, mostly when I could afford to get them.  They were meant to be worn whenever I was at a computer.  I'm on a computer all day at work.  In case you don't know, computer monitors are hell on the eyes!  My last pair was misplaced when I was going through a divorce (truthfully, I think they got thrown out in the chaos), and I was in no position to replace them. 

It has now become overwhelmingly apparent that I need glasses again.  I'm getting frequent headaches with black spots in my field of vision and have had an ongoing twitch in my "good" eye for the last three weeks.  Oh, and I really should have failed my vision test at the DMV in February when I changed my name.  She let me try it like six times.  Thank God I have a memory because I just kept track of what I'd said and went through all the options of what those fuzzy shapes could possibly be! 

So, the bullet has been bitten.  Glasses are being ordered.  I am not happy about spending the money ( $160 a month health insurance doesn't have vision coverage!) or about being chained to glasses again.  But I can't handle the headaches or the spasms any longer. 

Oh....and the husband says he finds girls in glasses sexy.  That's a perk, right??

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  1. I read that people who stare at a computer all day blink 1/3 LESS than people who don't! No wonder my contacts were always scratchy little bastards when I still wore them! I love my glasses because I think I look cute in them, but what I wouldn't do for LASIK surgery!