Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My uncle calls me that to this day!  Even at 32!  Love it.

And this is worth calling Puddin'.  I drooled over Mama Pea's bread pudding for far too long.  I love bread pudding.  I order it at restaurants.  Yet I've never made the stuff!  It was time I finally did something about it.  With huge snow flakes fluttering to the ground, it seemed like a good day to make that happen.

If you recall from my pantry photos, there was a panettone in there (hiding on the bottom shelf).

That is not my favorite kind.  I like the fruited pannettone far better than the chocolate one.  My mother-in-law had three at Christmas: two chocolate and one fruited.  She and I agree on the fruit and we pretty much ate the entire thing throughout Christmas day and into the next morning.  Panettone, for those that might not know, is the eggy, doughy, orangy stuff that sweet dreams are made of.  It's a traditional Italian Christmas bread.

I've always wanted to make a bread pudding out of panettone.  Fantastic recipe + panettone just begging to be eaten before it goes bad = MUST DO, right?

I followed Mama Pea's recipe, nearly to a tee.  The only exception is that I used a loaf of panettone and subbed ground ginger and ground allspice for the cinnamon.  My hubby does not eat cinnamon.  No biggie.  It was great with the other "pumpkin spices".

For the sauce, I subbed a tablespoon of maple for the whiskey....simply because I didn't have any whiskey.  It would have been better with the booze, but I think the maple was a good choice.  Maple, pumpkin, spices....that's a good combo in my book. 

The top was crisp.  The inside was creamy and chewy.  The sauce was sweet but not overwhelming.  Awesome, lovely bread puddin' bliss. 

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  1. That looks just delicious! The maple is a good sub to keep in my mind because I hate whiskey with all my soul! :)