Friday, January 7, 2011

My first blogger goodie swap!

Okay, this is exciting to me.  Very!  I mean, I'm the kind that jumps up and down when someone I follow comments....or heck reads the blog but doesn't comment.  I realize I've been doing this for over a year, but the excitement simply has not worn off.

I just retrieved a package from the porch, and I cannot wait to share it!  Don't worry, the usual food in review post will be up tomorrow.

I've been exchanging comments and emails with Christin at Purple Bird Blog, which has been totally awesome.  I made a comment about not understanding the hype (and therefore being too cheap to buy) Barney Butter.  She generously offered to send me some sample packs.  That blew me away.  So, I offered up some granola (since it's probably the most creative thing I do).  She went for it, and I started scheming.

The package I received was WAY cooler than the one I sent.  My package had Zbars, barney butter, homemade accidental dough balls, 18 Rabbits granola, and a gorgeous scarf!  I immediately ate a dough ball.  My husband immediately ate a Zbar.  :)  The dough balls were coco-tastic!  I loved it.

And look at this gorgeous scarf!  I love the color.

Doesn't really go with the workout gear, but I think you get the idea. I dove into a Zbar after working out.  I love the chewiness.  And the Barney Butter.  That stuff is velvet.  It made a river through my oats this morning.  I'd use it as an ice cream sauce, not as nut butter.  Ooohhh, or on noodles in place of my usual peanut sauce.  Yeah, one pack is definitely getting saved for that!

Thanks Christin!!!

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  1. Hehehehe you look GREAT in the scarf!! And seriously... this was all stuff I just had around the house and I like sharing my favorite things! I had a blast doing this with you, Brandy!! xoxo