Monday, January 17, 2011

Pancake redemption

Last Sunday, my husband asked for pancakes.  I searched a couple of my favorite blogs, picked one, and made pancakes.  We had guests, so I made a LOT of pancakes.  Our guests arose, not realizing the time, and rushed out the door in order to make it home in time for prior obligations.  No worries, I don't mind re-toasting a pancake during the week.  My husband and I sat down to with our steamy, maple drizzled cakes and dug in.....and immediately threw the entire batch in the trash!  Worst pancake ever.

So, this Sunday, I was determined to redeem myself in the pancake department.  I wanted them to be wheat and contain oatmeal.  After about an hour of searching (my hubby doesn't eat until he's been awake for quite some time), I found a recipe that I had all the ingredients for that looked very promising.

These Golden Oat Pancakes from The Kitchn were very simple to make with simple ingredients.  I made two swaps: molasses for brown sugar and whole wheat flour for "flour" (it didn't specify).  

The batter got bubbly, just like it was supposed to.

The cakes pumped and turned golden.

The texture of these simple, fluffy cakes were spot on.  Nice and tender.  My husband said they had an after taste, but I couldn't detect it.  I served mine with a slather of homemade PB and maple.  My hubby is a purist....just syrup.

Pancake craving pulverized!  Huzzah!  Victory really does taste sweet....or maybe that was the maple syrup.


  1. I hope it wasn't my pancakes that you thought were gross!! ;)

  2. NO! It certainly wasn't! The only reason I didn't do the PB cakes you posted a week ago is because my hubby couldn't care less about peanut butter.....unless it's in a chocolate cup or has Cap'n in it.