Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Test Drive

I’m in sort of a negative rut.  Perhaps my brisket knew this?  Anyhow, today I’m focusing on the positive.  

First up.....and oh so girlfriend at work is being induced today!  I am so happy for her and her man.  I hope their little girl comes into this world smoothly and swiftly.  I cannot wait to meet the little missy.

Secondly, I test drove THREE cars on Monday night!  Okay, I have to confess, window shopping is one of my very favorite things.  I absolutely dread actually spending money, but daydreaming about spending money is sheer bliss to me.  This applies to large and small purchases, but I especially enjoy the shopping process when it comes to larger purchases (you know, until I have to part with real money.....eek!).  I love doing research and testing things out.  So, test driving cars, “building” them online, and researching reviews is just downright fun!  

Finally: Subaru Outback

Several weeks ago: Hyundai Tucson
All of this test driving is in attempt to find an alternative to the Element, since it has been discontinued.  I was holding out hope that the 2012 Elements would have the features I really want in a car like integrated bluetooth, an iPod connection that allows the music to be controlled through the car instead of the actual iPod, and controls on the steering wheel for both.  I realize those things seem rather frivolous, but I drive a lot!  My commute is long and boring.  It’s not really safe to look down at my iPod or my phone, so I rarely use either.  Now that I know how nice it is to have those things (the hubby’s car does all that and more), I sort of want them too.  Yeah, I know, that’s just wrong!  What can I say....I want some bells.  And maybe even a whistle or two.

Does anyone have experience with any of those models above?  Or do you think I should just stick to the paid off (though very, very base model) Element?  


  1. There is *nothing* wrong with wanting some bells and whistles, especially in the name of safety! :)

  2. This is what the husband has been drilling into my head, because I'm so cheap that the car needs to be rendered undrivable for me to replace it. :)