Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Destructo Dog

So, I've lamented a wee bit about Riley and her chewing ways, but I don't tell you everything she THREE potholders.  To say the least, finding toys that interest her and keep her from destroying our good stuff isn't exactly easy.  The toys have to be extra durable.

We've had great success with Nylabone and Kong, so we tend to turn to their toys when we want to get Riley something new.  Occasionally, though, even those brands fail us.

We've had two Kong failures.  But at least they took the course of a couple play sessions to fail, so I haven't complained.  When I came home with a new Nylabone and she destroyed it in minutes, I complained.

Thankfully, the good folks at Nylabone stand by their products.  Their customer service got in touch with me very quickly, and after a few exchanges, offered replacements or a refund.  I chose replacements.

They came in today!  They doubled down on our replacement, giving us not one but two new toys.  They gave us a more durable bone and a plush toy.  Knowing glances were exchanged by the hubby and I as we held the new plushie toy.  Then the glances gave way to wagering on exactly how quickly she'd dismantle the plush.

We were pretty spot on, sadly.  Before the hour mark, Destructo Dog had two "antlers" torn off, squeaker removed and stuffing strewn all about.  Yes, I was watching...taking away bits as she tore them off so that she couldn't hurt herself.  Obviously, the Nylabone folks underestimated her chewing capacity.

Still, I very much appreciated the replacements, and Riley is happily chewing the replacement bone in her Kong bed now.

Hey....when you find a product worthwhile, you stick to it!  Right?

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  1. We have to keep a close eye on stuffed toys as well. If Lucy gets in a mood she will open them up in no time! She used to tear them up within minutes, but her old age has calmed her down a bit and now she only destroys them if she feels like it. :)