Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pet therapy

This week, I had to take a personal day.  The premise started out simply that the dog threw up really early in the morning.  So, after cleaning that, I was wide awake....and extremely sick to my stomach.  Whatever she got into made her smell like death! 

As you can imagine, I didn't go back to sleep.  Instead, I went about the business of getting ready for work.  Then I realized that the dog wasn't quite right.  Usually, if she throws up, she's fine and dandy after.  Fresh as a daisy, as it were.  Not this time.  She was trying to snuggle me and whimpering....and gassing me out of the house!  Call me crazy - yes, I realize she's just a dog - but I couldn't go to work with her in that condition.  I would have worried about her vomitting in her crate all day long.  That's no way to be. 

Thankfully, my boss is a dog owner and my work was all caught up.  I took a personal day to stay with the whimpering pup. 

She slept in my lap all day long.  Literally, all day long.  There were a few times she went outside, but she'd come right back in, curl up in my lap, and fall asleep.  Somewhere around lunchtime, I realized that even though I stayed home for the dog, it was really me that needed the snuggling. 

Having a puppy all snuggled in my lap, warm and twitching in her sleep, was good for my soul.  During the periods that she'd go outside and play, I did some cleaning that was long overdue and made three different butters.  I fixed the photos for my blog during her naps.  All of this stuff was severely stressing me out.  I realize that sweeping, dusting, and nut butters shouldn't stress a person out, but it does.  Dirty houses stress me out.  Lingering, unfinished projects stress me out.  Feeling like I don't spend enough time focused on my family stresses me out.  Fixing some of those things felt cathartic.  And quite frankly, parts of my work stress me out, so NOT dealing with that was blissful too. 

I'd hoped to end my cathartic day with some yoga, since I still have my 10 day pass, but the highway to the studio is closed!  Guess that's my cue that I'm just supposed to be in my home and with my where else.  

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  1. Awwwe, I'm glad you got caught up on some things and I'm glad you took care of your baby. My doggies are my children too, and taking care of them makes me feel so good. I can't bare to be away from mine when they're sick either!