Thursday, December 24, 2009

Assembly line

When I say we set about assembly, I really mean my betrothed set about setting up a contraption to make sure that the little squares for the tabs on the outside of the pocket envelopes were glued together perfectly in alignment. It involved a T-square and sketching pad. Here I thought we could just eyeball it, and he's assembling guide rules. I have to admit I was extremely amused by this. Mostly because I should have known. I really, really should have known. While I was excited to be putting these together with him, I also know that he makes things far more complex that I ever do.

Once his template was complete, assembly of the tabs was done in now time. The template made the work quick and uniform. sealing the actual invitations to the pockets were next. We discovered that he can place things far straighter and I can use a glue runner far more effectively than he. Within an hour of starting, we'd assembled all the tag closures and sealed all of the invitations to the pocket envelopes.

Sadly, the little glue runners really don't hold much. I bought three fresh runners, and we used them all plus the half of one that I had at home already. We'll have to finish them later with a fresh supply of glue.

Photos by me.

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