Monday, December 28, 2009

Confessions of a lazy bride

Well, friends, I'd hoped to tell you about all that I accomplished over the holiday weekend! Sadly, unless you count the usual laundry and grocery shopping my weekend entails, I did very, very little. I caught up with most of my close family. I napped with my honey and kitties. I caught a live band with some very good friends at an Irish pub. I did not do one iota toward the wedding. There are eight weeks until my nuptials, and I didn't so much as open my craft closet!

So, instead I'll share the craft project I used for my Christmas presents this year. I made refrigerator magnets. Yep! Customized refrigerator magnets. I used photos that my betrothed took at the botanic garden at Moody Gardens in Galveston and engagement photos for my family and personal photos with the flowers for my coworkers. They were a huge hit! And very, very simple. Love that. All they take are the appropriate sized photos (I cropped mine using Gimp), floral marbles (the kind that are flat on the bottom), round magnets, and silicon sealant. I got the magnets and marbles at Hobby Lobby, printed the color photos on cardstock at Office Max, and found the silicon sealant at Target. I found this idea on a really cute site called Not Martha. The only "issue" I ran into is that the magnets were so strong that they literally kept leaping across the table to link back up. Scared the bejesus out of me! I packaged the little magnets in holiday tins....which made them behave in transit. Very fun, simple, affordable, personal craft which garnered lots of oohs and awes and how'd you do this's.

Photo by me.

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