Monday, December 7, 2009

A perfect fit indeed

Today I am singing the praises of my Alteration Expert! The fitting on Saturday went smashingly. The new length is exactly right. All four layers - which included an underskirt, satin, then two layers of lace, the top layer of which had a lovely beaded and sequined scalloped trim that had to be removed then reattached - looked like they'd been sent from the manufacturer at that precise length. The French bustled was really amazing though. She made the satin sit at one height and the lace at another creating this really dramatic double bustle look. Stunning. If you are in North Texas, go see Linda at Perfect Fit Bridal Alterations. I honestly could not be happier with her work. As a bonus, she's totally sweet and endearing, even though I was way too giddy and probably a little loud. Diana tends to bring out the hyper in me like no other person on the planet.

I took the opportunity to try on the jewelry I made for myself, since I doubt I'll have the dress on again before the wedding. That's when I discovered the that gown has tiny crystals just like the Swarovski crystal elements I used to make my earrings and necklace! I'd never noticed them before. Quite a pleasant discovery.

My jewelry for the wedding....frustratingly made by hand.

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