Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday morning

....and the coffee pot is sputtering away. Hurry up little coffee pot! My betrothed didn't sleep last night. He got up at 2 after laying awake. He got up so that he didn't keep me awake. Now, how sweet is that? He came back to bed and didn't sleep. I hate it when those sort of nights hit. We've been trading them off lately. I think it's a mix of a bad mattress and a lot on our mind (mostly good stuff but we are both the sort that often aren't able to turn out brains off long enough to get a good night's sleep).

So, here's to an extra lazy Sunday with lots of coffee. Oh....and two good football games! Colts are looking for 12-0 vs. the Titans, and Cowboys vs. Giants is always fun. Ahhhh.....a day of Mannings. YAY!

Enjoy your lazy Sunday too.

Isn't my beautiful girl the best Christmas gift ever! Photo by me.

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