Friday, December 11, 2009

Evolution of a nickname

I think I can safely say I’m feeling sentimental. I’ve cried over the last two blog entries I read here and here. Literally. Cried. And now I’m going to share the second sappy story about me and mine in a week. Perhaps it’s that the wedding is growing near. Perhaps it is that neither he or I have slept this week. Again, quite literally. Exhaustion does bring out my emotional side, I must say.

So, here is the story of one of my favorite nicknames.

He usually just calls me baby. Occasionally he calls me babydoll, and for some reason that one makes me melt a little. But I know I’ve done something truly enduring to him when he calls me “my banana”. It started out as “go banana” when I did something silly. He’d use it when he did something silly too. The phrase comes from a Simpson’s episode. I’m not a huge fan, but sometimes things just stick, right? The episode had all the kids on a bus, and they were racing fruit down the aisle of the bus. All the kids rolled ROUND fruit……except Ralphie the paste eater. He “rolled” a banana. So, as I said, it was a proclamation of doing something illogical or uniquely silly, as I am wont to do. Then it gradually morphed from “go banana” to “my banana”, and it was usually said in the same way that someone would pat you on the head and let you know that they loved you in-spite-of-your-silly-self.

A week ago, while reading Celia’s blog, I found that she too is a banana! I was so excited that I sent my betrothed the link. His response was “though you are my banana, you are not the only banana.” Quite so! She has a far sweeter story about how her nickname evolved. I shared my story with her, and I think it brought a chuckle.

Last week, he called me his banana…..but this time it was said with pride for mastering something technical that I would previously been unable to do. So the story of being his banana just keeps growing.

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