Thursday, December 3, 2009


Yesterday there was this strange white stuff falling from the sky! It fell in huge, fluffy puffs that lead to mounds in the yard and on my little box of a car. I squealed back into the house when I opened the garage door and saw it....."BABY GET OUT HERE! THERE'S SNOW!!!!!" And so came my betrothed, in a slight disbelief, shirtless into the cold.

There was indeed snow falling, and heavily, in the snowless land known as Texas. I was absolutely delighted! We haven't had snow since March 2008 (which is when I took these photos...which is when I was falling very hard, very fast, in love with this wonderful blue-eyed man). I drove to work with a very broad smile on my face as the little flakes continued all twenty-six miles with me.

Sadly, it was all completely gone when I got home. The ground was too warm, even in the grass, for any remains to survive the day. How sad. I had so wanted to play in it! Or enjoy a cup of cocoa looking at it at the very least. I don't think that it's only the children that enjoy and delight in snow, because I was giddy all day about it. It brings out the little red-headed, pigtailed girl for certain.

I hope we get it once more this year! (Instead of the horrendous icing we usually get in its place! Wretched ICE!)

Photos by me - March 2008 - after a three hour drive home because ice accompanied it.

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