Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Madness amidst mayhem

It is as I expected. The holidays would come, and they would eat precious time needed for wedding tasks. By this I mean that I need to find time today to mail out the homemade gifts to the folks I won’t get to see over the holidays by tomorrow or they won’t get them before Christmas. This means purchasing cards and packaging, as I have not done this yet. II have to fit that around workouts and rehearsals and, well, I still have a job, so that too. Our invitations have fallen victim to the holiday postal clog. The printer cannot complete her task and send the invitations to us because a portion of her necessary supplies are late in arriving. Then, when they do land in the mail to us, the overload of holiday cheer already in the system will likely mean that we’ll get the raw invites after Christmas, still in need to assembly. This weekend, none of my wedding tasks were checked off because the reunion consumed the weekend along with all of my energy. Next weekend, we’ll be in Oklahoma for Christmas. The weekend after that is New Years. I just don’t see much getting accomplished in that time frame, especially since I only get Christmas day and New Years day off of work.

I’m feeling a bit back-logged at this point. I am attempting to stay calm, because I expected this to happen. Yet, there is this tiny little buzzer inside of me sounding like mad that “Things. Simply. Will. Not. Get. Done.” Shut it, buzzer! I’ll have you know that I was anticipating this, which is why I’d done more than I needed to do on the front end. You will not undo my hard work, and you will not hinder my glorious plans! Oh no, you won’t. I’ll see to that.

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  1. I'll help you out. You certainly helped me out enough in mine! :) Just give me a call! :)