Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Treat #5

This Friday, I’m going with a classic for my betrothed and I….something simple and simply delicious! We’ve got hummus from Sabra, multigrain pita chips from Stacy’s, and bagel crisps from New York Style. I absolutely love the creamy nuttiness of hummus. We got roasted garlic this time (and I wish I was devouring it right NOW!). Of course, if you’re feeling ambitious, all of this can be made at home. With Christmas just a few days away though, I think I’ll leave the ambition to finishing up presents and starting on the table decorations for the wedding.

Happy Friday! Enjoy!

And as a side note: Colts won again last night. That’s right….it’s 14-0, baby!

Photo from the ambitious.

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