Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Flowers on the tables

To keep our floral budget low, I decided that having huge floral centerpieces were not in the cards. (And really, they aren't my cup of tea personally). I searched the web for affordable and attractive bud vases. Seems they can really only be one or the other, not both. So, I started looking for items that I could use as bud vases in a less conventional fashion. I thought of tiny mason jars, then I saw mason jars included at nearly every featured wedding on this site or that for about a month. So, I nixed mason jars. I looked through the house, trying to find containers, canisters, anything that can hold water and flowers. I thought of covering tin cans in fabric, but I really love glass. I especially love colored glass. Wine bottles were the perfect fit. I cook with wine all the time (and perhaps drink a bit of it too), so I have the bottles as a bonus. They were a perfect fit.

After realizing I couldn't use the Bells of Ireland in the bouquets, I was determined to use them elsewhere. I believe that this rose/bell combo is just perfect. Imagine beautiful wine bottles in shades of green and yellow surrounded by candles with the lovely rose and bell making the whole thing smell intoxicating. Yeah, that works for me.

Photos by me.


  1. How pretty! Jonathan's cousin just got married, and they used Dr. Pepper bottles filled with candy for place card holders. It was really cute!

  2. hey brandi!
    i could not find your email address, but i really wanted to share the banana story with you because it's a good one...


    p.s. i love the bottle idea. what if you did all kinds of different types of bottles? instead of using mason jars, i collected mustard, olive, capers, you name it jars for a year and used them as votives. they were all different and thy looked awesome laid out on the tables. :)