Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post-marked Christmas Eve

Determined to mail our invites before Christmas, we really kicked it into high gear Wednesday night. My betrothed put all the tabs on the envelopes with the fresh supply of glue runners I'd brought home with me while I made four quiche for the family Christmas morning. Then I had to tie the lovely silk ribbons I'd ordered just for this onto each invitation. The silk ribbons are so beautiful but so flimsy and hard to tie. With enough time to still eat dinner, our invitations were complete! I was so happy. We'd done it in about three hours total.

I took my lovely little envelopes to the post office on Christmas Eve, and just to be certain, had them weigh them. Sure enough, one stamp wasn't enough. So, I had to stand in the post office with more stamps and re-post each envelope. So, now, they each have a king and a queen of hearts on them instead of one or the other. Postage in total was over $50. about additional costs!

So, at this very moment, our invitations are making their way to our closest family and friends from Texas to Ireland and Italy! I can't wait to get our little RSVP cards back! They're a touch funny, and I hope that everyone embraces the light-hearted humor.

King and Queen of Hearts from the USPS.
Very messy table with ribbons being cut, spooled on a contraption of my betrothed's by my betrothed....then he snapped a photo of my cleavage. :)

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