Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shape up or ship out....when's the boat leaving?

So, I promised to stop my eat-anything-I want-because-it's-the-holiday madness and hit the gym with renewed vigor this week! After all, I want hotness under that dress, even if it is winter and no one by my betrothed will be able to even tell I've done any good. The gym bag was packed as I set off to start this week. I hit the gym at lunch and felt pretty darn good about myself afterward. Got that tiny burn going in the back of my thighs. Oh yeah, that's the stuff!

Then.....my brother suggested we do Monday Night Football together. And dinner. And by dinner that didn't mean something small or light. We had wings. Piles of Buffalo Wild Wings. Oh my goodness, that are so good! And there are left overs. Dear me. How do I not eat them?!

So, I will hit the gym again tonight, but am I really making any progress if I work out then eat fried foods?! I think not!

So much for will power.

Hilarity from Photobucket.

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