Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Temporarily out of sorts

Yesterday, I was talking to someone else getting married. The topic of registry came up, specifically a brand of dinnerware. I'd never heard of this brand, but my ears perked up at the mention of handmade and Italian. I looked it up later, anxious to see what I've missed out on! I must admit, it is beautiful dinnerware. Then I noted the would cost me over a week's pay for a set of four without any extra pieces. Over a week's pay. For plates and a bowl.

I realize the point of a registry is that I don't buy the stuff, so why should I care, right? No. I care. If I wouldn't spend that much on it (or even half that much), then I don't find it fair to ask my loved ones to pay that. I have never quite been comfortable with gifts, especially of an elaborate nature. So, registries are sort of awkward to me anyhow. The shower scares me to death. Center of attention. Gifts that I didn't do anything to earn. Hmm. Yeah, I'm odd. I think my girls and I figured out a way to make the shower more comfortable though.......I'm going to make food the center of attention! That's something I can work with. So, I do have a registry, but it's full of simple items that I would buy for myself at a store I shop at on a regular basis instead of a specialty shop that I rarely set foot in. That's what feels right for me, but not everyone has my hang-ups! So, I put my registry envy aside for comfort and practicality. That's how I do.

Did anyone else feel this way about registries?

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