Saturday, September 11, 2010

At-home parties

So, most people know that I sell something that usually gets sold at at-home parties.  I don't really do the parties anymore, but I still make periodic orders for my loyal customers.  But when I started, I DID PARTIES.  Then I stopped.  Then a layoff happened (years ago, a completely different life than I have now), and I started doing to parties again.  About 4-5 every weekend.  And they paid my mortgage for a few months.  So, overall, I'm grateful for the party option and am whole-heartedly willing to support them.

I say all of this because I went to a fantastic party last night.  My best friend's baby sister just started a Pampered Chef business, and we were her first demo!  I got WAY over-excited about going to this party.  That's because, one I hadn't seen my best friend's mom (a.k.a. my other mom) in years, and she was going to be there.  Two, it's Pampered Chef!  It's cooking gadgets and cooking demos!  I have not once been invited to a Pampered Chef party, and I never really understood that.  Um....I cook.  Lots!  Yeah, very exciting stuff for me.

The demo was this glorious candy-bar-brownie thing that instantly sent me into sugar overload, but I ate it anyway.  My friend's sister did a great job on her first demo.  She knows everyone in the room really well, so she was doing out-loud critiques of herself the entire time, which cracked me up.  I've done that.  Anyhow, I think it was a successful first go at her new endevour, and I think she'll be great at it.  She's entirely bubbly and performs cooking "shows" in her kitchen.  A perfect fit for this enterprise, don't you think?!

I'll be hosting a party for her that I get to eat more good food and hang out with fabulous people.  I mean, that's why you host, right?  If anyone is interested in coming, please let me know!

And yeah, I'm excited to get the gadgets I ordered.  What, even my little ole cheapskate self can't walk out of those parties empty-handed!

Have a great Saturday!

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