Friday, September 3, 2010

Food in Review

Oh my goodness, I actually managed to take photos every night this week for the second week in a row! Will wonders never cease?!

Saturday: I made wild-caught red snapper from the farmers market. I baked it in parchment with whole garlic cloves, onions and lemon zest. I served it next to oven-roasted red potatoes, also from the market. They were the creamiest potatoes I've ever had! The fish was very flavorful, but a little too strong for me. I don't think snapper is my thing.

Sunday: We made burgers of the grass fed beef and organic cheese we picked up at the farmers market last week. I kept the burgers extremely simple. Classic burgers, the husband called it. They did not disappoint. Juicy, beefy, full of flavor! Served simply with corn on the cob, roasted in the oven in foil. Mine had bread and butter pickles on the side that I had to keep WELL away from all of the husband's food.

Monday: I roasted a pork shoulder from Rehoboth Ranch in order to make the next three meals. The shoulder was rubbed in a mix recommended by Tyler Florence and baked for hours then shredded. Sadly, I overcooked it a bit, but that didn't kill the flavor. For this meal, I coated the shredded beef in Stubbs spicy barbecue sauce and placed on buns for pulled pork sandwiches. I served this with sweet potatoes, also roasted for a few hours with a little brown sugar on top. The sweet potatoes MADE this meal.

Tuesday: One of my favorite bar foods: pulled pork nachos! These babies had more organic cheese, seasoned black beans and onions - broiled till bubbly. Mine also had some broccoli and cauliflower on it, and I smothered it will romaine! We drizzled these babies with chipotle salsa and chipotle cream made of plain yogurt and adobe sauce. SO GOOD!

Wednesday: More barbecue pulled pork, this time stuffed into baked potatoes and topped with cheese. This is a go-to for me.....yet it just didn't hit the spot. Perhaps too much of a good thing?

Thursday: The Tamale Company's chicken verde tamales hit out plates. Man, these are so good and so easy! I made instant brown rice mixed with caramelized frozen mixed veggies on the side. Quite, easy, and delicious!

And as always on Friday....a little Riley for you.

Vigilant dog is vigilant! And wishes you a fantastic three day weekend!


  1. Yummy and pretty!
    You know we love to shop, cook and eat good and interesting this was a nice display :)
    Love to the Vigilant Dog and happy three day weekend to Riley, the cats and you 2 as well!
    Love Laurie, John, Pockets and Cocoa

  2. Oh my goodness, that all looked so tasty! :) Riley is getting big. She's such a cutie!