Sunday, September 12, 2010


I am SOOOOO excited!  The Colt's first game of the season is at noon!  I have to go grocery shopping before the game since we had a guest in town staying with us till yesterday evening.  My husband requested potato skins for the occasion, because really, good food is his only motivation to be even in the house while I watch my football games. He still hates football!  I give him props though.  He watches the games that are important to me.  He'll even take me to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the ones that aren't televised in this area.  He even helps me pick my yearly Colt's Shirt. 

He picked this one this year.  I got it a few days ago, and I think it might be my favorite yet!

I feel so bad for my husband though.  He had something he was really excited about too.  For me, this weekend was about football.  For him, it was about D&D.  They haven't played in a month, so I know he was anxious and excited to advance his game.  It's only had one session after all!  But on top of that, an old college friend came up from SEVEN hours away just to play with us.  Well, if you've read my husband's blog at all, you know he uses a lot of technology to make this happen.  Two of the players are in Colorado, and they video conference in.  First their internet wouldn't agree with their PC, so we had to configure their college-issued netbook.  Yeah, that didn't work well at all, because netbooks do not have the same capacity of a real processor.  Then.....the construction crew a few streets over cut a line to our cable internet an hour after we got the netbook to work (which took an hour).  Our internet stayed out for three or four hours.  Our guest had to leave by then.  We never really got to game at all!  I felt so bad for my husband and his friends because this was so highly anticipated for them.  I hate it so much when my husband is disappointed.  I hope next time is glitch free. 

Back to the happiness of the first Sunday of the football season though.  I hope you all eat something decadent and enjoy your favorite team.  Let me know who you're rooting for (or if you don't give a flip about football but like the food!). 

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