Sunday, September 19, 2010

Epic Football!

So my mind is focused on one thing today......

Get ALL of the chores done early so that I can watch some Epic Manning on Manning football tonight!!!!  Giants v. Colts, baby!  7:15 CST! 

Yeah, I'll pretty much be glued to my TV and useless at that point.  So, right now, I have the dishwasher and washing machine running.  I'm pre-cooking steel cut oats for some of this week's breakfasts.  I'll be making lunch snacks soon.  I think I'll even pre-cook tonight's dinner.  Yeah, I don't mess around with my football.  There will be good food, beer, and yelling at the TV.....and not really anything else!  Since, it's the night game, I also have to plan to go to bed late.  That means that tomorrow's lunches will be made today before the game starts.  I mean, you don't expect a real fan to go to bed with the game still in session, do you?? 

Before we can get to the goods tonight, though, we first have to attend Ms. Riley's last puppy class!  That's right, she graduates tonight.  Wow...right?!  There's a test and everything.  Wish my little lady....and my Colts....good luck, won't you!

Happy Football Sunday!

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