Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wrecks, weather, and commuters

RANT ALERT: This post contains no cute puppies, no cuddly kitties, and no delectable eats. This is pure (only slightly censored) road rage at it's finest, my friends.

My commute is lengthy in both distance and duration due to the lovely thing that is the DFW highways and byways during rush hour. Most days, the commute lasts about 45 minutes. That's because I leave my house much earlier than is actually necessary in order to avoid some of the heavier traffic. Other days, though, my commute has literally taken upwards of three hours to complete. Sadly that is usually on the going-home side because if it ever looked like it was going to take THREE HOURS to get to work, I'd have turned around and given up! Add the distance and the drivers that seem to lose all sensibility when behind the wheel of a car to a work policy doesn't recognize hazardous driving conditions....."Ice, what ice? It's sunny and 73 here at the office!".....and I've had some truly epic commutes.

I didn't always have a camera in the car to document the madness, but this was one of the epic ones:

Yeah, THAT one took three hours to get home from. Snow had fallen steadily before they said that if we felt it necessary we could leave around 3 or 4. Plus, I needed the money. It wasn't worth the bawling the ensued in the car because I thought I was going to die on the way home.

This would have been another bad one, but I'd taken the day off to get my marriage license. Fortuitous!

Today, all we had to deal with was buckets and buckets of water that chose to fall squarely during rush hour. Not before. Not after. I could barely see to the end of my hood, and that's not a vast spans, seeing as I drive an Element that basically drops off like a school bus in the front. And yet, people feel the need to swerve in and out of traffic going way too fast to be capable of accommodating the moisture under their tires. Can anyone explain this mentality to me? Do they REALLY need to get there faster than everyone else? And do they really even think that they'll be able to get there faster by being an idiot?

Perhaps it's because I hate my commute with a fiery passion. Perhaps it's because there has been a wreck going to and coming home from work every single leg this week. Perhaps I'm just becoming an old crotchety driver. But I have simply HAD IT with the graphic displays of stupidity on the DFW roadways. Can we all just agree to drive right so that we can get from point A to point B with all of our limbs and cars in the same condition we left the house in?!

Thank you.

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  1. I'm saying a prayer that those commutes will soon be a thing of the past.

    ---<3 hairdresser friend :)