Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I credit my husband over and over for bringing me out of the stone ages.  When we met, I was living in a one room house in the middle of a field behind an Army Corps of Engineer’s park with dial-up internet, a clearance model laptop, a four year old cell phone, a 5 year old 2.0 megapixel digital camera,  and a television that was older than me and smaller than most current computer monitors.  

Now… I watch my football games in high definition on my husband’s big screen.  I stream silly movies and old television shows from Netflix through his Xbox 360.  I record a zillion cooking and reality shows using his TiVo.  I take cute dog photos and yummy food porn on the digital camera he bought us for our trip to Las Vegas because mine was “sad” a.k.a. horribly obsolete.  I have gone through two cell phones since he put me on his plan.  Actually, four if you count the replacements due to breakage.  I own (and love) a green iPod nano that he gave me as a first anniversary gift solely because it would take too many CDs for the Italian lessons he actually MEANT to be the gift, not the nano.  

We had to move into his apartment when we officially moved in together because he couldn’t live with my dial up.  Plus, his electronics would not have survived my VERY moist cabin environment (the floor leeched water through the foundation when it rained extremely hard or for long periods), so we’d have to use my teeny non-HD, over two decades old television with no TiVo because I couldn’t get the service out there.  

So, he literally brought me out of the woods and at least into the late nineties!  Then he gave me the technological tools needed to create this blog (save the laptop….I still use the ancient thing and will do so until it croaks).  Then he gave me the encouragement and tech support needed to actually write it.  

And for some reason, a few people read it every day.  So, thanks….for being my bloggy enablers.  

And thanks to my hubby for the pushing and shoving it takes to get me to stick to it.  Oh….and for letting me watch the Colts in Hi-Def.  So intense!

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