Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday prep

I am happiest when I can enter a week with a clean kitchen and a fridge full of prepped foods.  So, after the football games that I cared about were over, I spent the rest of my afternoon and evening either prepping food or doing laundry. 

First I started with food prep for the week.  I made Mexican cornbread for our lunches for the next two days out of the left over taco meat and beans from last week's taco salads.  Then I made "healthy" rice crispy treats. I'll let you know how those turned out.  I'm not entirely sure they were a success, but I have not actually eaten one yet!  So we shall see.

Next was laundry completion.  Yeah, I can't stand to start a week without all the clothes clean and where it should be.  It just makes me feel frazzled otherwise.

Sadly, dinner took far longer to cook and far more effort that I'd anticipated, leaving me no time to blog and no time to reclean the kitchen.  So, I start Monday with prepped food and put-away laundry.....but NO clean kitchen and no blog in the books.  Hey, you win some; you lose some, riight?

Do you have any Sunday rituals?

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