Monday, September 20, 2010

Couch to 5K week 2

Running is still on the agenda this week as I continue my Couch to 5K quest.  The plan calls for a mix of walking and running, just like last week.  Except now, both intervals are longer.  I run for 1.5 minutes instead of 1 and walk for 2 instead of 1.5.  

I hit the gym on Monday to start the week on the right foot (ha, puny!) with a lunch time “training” session.  I honestly feel silly for calling this training, since I think most people could do this distance and speed without trying, but hey… gotta start somewhere.  This is definitely NOT my natural state of being.  

I have to say…..this week’s intervals seem so much easier than last week’s.  Perhaps it’s because I am running the same amount of time but with fewer change overs so I was able to zone out a bit more.  Or perhaps, I just had a better mind-set for the week, having successfully completed all three training sessions last week.   Whatever it was, I found that I didn’t have to force myself to continue at the half way point.  AND….my shoes didn’t come untied!  That’s a first out of four runs.  I realize that may seem like an odd thing to point out, but I assure you that having to pause the treadmill to retie your shoelace is about the most annoying thing that can happen!  It’s a momentum killer.

So far, I’m happy that I’ve decided to do this.  We’ll see if my attitude (and knees) holds up in the coming weeks!  Also...I haven't quite figured out the best food schedule on the days I run.  That's still in the trial and error phase.

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