Friday, September 10, 2010

Food in Review

Our meals this week involved pre-cooking, left overs, and a little bit of laziness!

Saturday: Since we were camping, we found it appropriate to have a meal that you could throw in a fire.  In comes Johnsonville!  Now, I prefer to get turkey smoked sausages, smoked pork sausage from Rehoboth Ranch, or the lovely raw chicken beauties from Central Market, but those weren’t what “camping food” called for.  We wanted classic camp food.  So, we debated between franks and smoked sausages, and the smoked sausages won.  We picked the cheddar jalapeƱo variety on whole wheat buns.  I wrapped the sausages in foil and into our lovely fire they went for about 20 minutes.  They actually went on top of a hot stone in the fire so that they heated gradually with minimal burnage.  We paired these bad boys with baked Kettle salt & vinegar chips.  I gotta say, I’m going back to the original on these too.  The baked ones tasted a little like freeze-dried potatoes.  There were no complains though, as we dined at twilight in the woods with a fire.  

Sunday: We ordered a take-n-bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s.  If you guess this was the lazy meal, you’d be correct.  It cooked in our oven, and I had to cut it.  Yeah, I don’t think that counts as a home-cooked meal!  We got the bbq chicken delite, and it was delightful!  I highly recommend this place.  We haven’t had a bad one yet!

Monday: It was time to pull out the slow cooker!  I didn’t make it to the farmers market due to our camping outing, but I still had Rehoboth Ranch ground beef in the freezer from a few weeks ago.  One and only one thing came to mind for it: meatballs!  Now, again, I usually use turkey for our meatballs (my poor husband occasionally deserves so REAL beef, right??), but I don’t feel so bad using grass-fed, local beef.  The stats are way better than just any ole mass-produced stuff anyhow!  Into the cooker went the sauce first which consisted of two cans of diced fire roasted tomatoes, a small can of tomato sauce, and a can full of dry red wine plus the typical onion, garlic, salt, red pepper flake, and oregano.  Then I assembled the meatballs: ground meat (beef this time), oregano, garlic, diced onion, oregano, an egg, plain bread crumbs, and parmesan.  Mix with the best tools God gave us and form into balls.  This batch made 14 perfect meatballs and cooked for about 6 hours on my countertop.  I put them atop some toasted buns with oven fried okra.  In case you’ve never tired it, breaded frozen okra works brilliantly in the oven.  Just spray them with olive oil cooking spray, crank the heat to at least 400-450 and cook for 20 minutes turning once.  Totally rivals any greasy okra you’ve ever had.

Tuesday: Leftover day!!!  We had the rest of the Johnsonville sausages with Bush’s bourbon baked beans.  Somehow, this meal felt totally decadent.  Probably because of the oodles of fat!  Oops.  But who am I to let food go to waste?!

Wednesday: Repeat of Monday but with corn on the cob.  I love it when you can just pull containers out of the fridge and have an effortless meal in mere minutes.  

Thursday: I had a lovely eggplant and spaghetti squash dish in mind, but I felt too busy to make it.  So, instead, I made (um....heated) a cowboy casserole from Central Market.  Yeah, I know, more lazy.  My house needed to be cleaned for a weekend guest, and I just couldn't juggle everything I wanted to.  Hey, occasionally, something has to give, right?

Friday's Riley Attack: Riley at the dog park letting an adorable Australian shepherd mix named Isabelle "win".  

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