Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More on Ms. Riley



We're lovin' or new lil puppy! She's so cute, and I am really impressed with her behavior so far. I'm not saying she's had ZERO accidents, but she's learning quickly just the same. We're trying to follow the "rules" and tips we've read so that the pup, husband, cats and I are all on the same page. We're hoping that leads to far less frustration than raising a pup can be!

Here's some adorable shots from her first two days in her new home.

She took to this bed IMMEDIATELY.

Oliver is freaked out!

AWWWWWW!!!! Melts my heart.

My old baby, Stinker, plotting the pup's demise!

Failed family summit. That black blur is Stinker vacating the area.

Tuckered puppy couldn't even go for a one block walk! Just too big of a day on Sunday.

And as I type this, she's happily laying in her kennel on her bed....sulking because Oliver took a swat at her. Don't you just love family dynamics?!


  1. She is SO adorable!!! Looks a lot like Arynson. Is she a Doberman mix?

  2. They couldn't tell me a single thing about what kind of dog she is. We've been researching, and if we went by looks alone, there my be some mini pin/daschund in there. But then there has to be something just a bit bigger to explain the paw size. I'm calling her Heinz 57!

  3. Here's a pic of Arynson when he was a puppy.
    http://texasmartinfamily.blogspot.com/2009/10/happy-30th-birthday-darling.html I think their colouring is so similar!

  4. Oh my goodness yes......Wow! She's a dobie?

  5. The only thing we know about Arynson is that he's a doberman mix. He has been the best. dog. ever. So cuddly and gentle. I would totally clone him! :)