Saturday, January 2, 2010

My cousin's wedding

The youngest of my line in the family was married New Year's Eve in a tiny white chapel in our hometown. The pastor joked that they said they expected about 15 people, and I think there wasn't a seat to be had when all was said and done. My six year old nephew stood up on the stage proudly with both of my handsome cousins. The music wouldn't work properly, so the bride walked down the isle to my cousin in silence. Both are soldiers, but only one looked it that day. The other looked all radiant and bridal. Both smiled a lot. One cried. And lots of babies cooed and chattered. After, there was punch and cake in the church rectory. Very vintage in feel.

I think I'll remember most that they both had huge, joyful smiles and that they held hands the entire if for dear life. I was moved by that. And I cried at this wedding.

Must love and happiness to you both!

Photo by me.

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