Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eloquent vs. Functional

So, I used that title as the subject to an email yesterday to one of my bridesmaids. She said it cracked her up and called it "the eternal struggle of a bride", or something of that nature. And so, I share it with you!

So, the current struggle involved rehearsal invitations. Do I send something formal on lovely cardstock with matching envelopes or do I send an evite? Hmmm. Well, I trekked over to a craft store, and my oh my, people think card stock that is already cut to size is very valuable stuff! I don't want to spend a sum close to what I spend on my wedding invitations on rehearsal invitations. No way. Nu-uh. So, the question became, is an evite appropriate? Would anyone refuse to come because they received and electronic invitation instead of something.....more formal? Yeah, I doubt anyone will refuse. Someone might bulk, but likely not to me. So, electronic it is!

Any opinions on the matter?

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