Monday, January 18, 2010

Totally flattered

Okay, so I am being so utterly humbled by people the closer and closer our wedding comes. Our friends and family are pouring their love and time out for us by helping with projects, planning parties, and just being so very assertively supportive. I've heard comments like "I'm telling you this now because from here on out, it's all fun and games and no bad news". I realize that's optimistic, but I like that people really just want to surround us with positiveness and joy. It is my hope that it's because they know that we love each other and that they believe in our relationship that inspires those assertions.

I'm also being blown away by the people I've hired for the wedding. I've tried to work with people I'd want to have around on my wedding day - well because I know how wretched it is to be surrounded by people that irk you during emotional situations - and because I want to support independent vendors. Call it wanting karma to come back around my way because I'd love to find a way to support myself, I guess, but it just makes me feel better about spending the money. Nichole and I - largely by the help of his blog - have been able to keep in touch with what is happening with our wedding. And I just received a wonderful gift from her......her friendship. She's also giving me a wedding present that floored me. I am so grateful that I've chosen to work with her, even though she thought my method of hiring her was a little strange. I cannot wait to see how our wedding photos come out. My hope is that you can feel the day, not just see the images. I have the utmost faith that she can capture this for us.

Image from Photobucket.

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