Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eating my words.....and a nice strata

So, all of that getting ahead and getting things done stuff from yesterday.....yeah.....that didn't work out so well. The shower was very fun, and the food was great. I'll be recreating the spinach strata soon. After the shower, my red-headed bridesmaid and I set off to shop for the odds and ends we still need for the wedding. She was successful in finding a killer pair of heels and a cardigan for the wedding. I found skinny-legged jeans so I can wear the killer boots I bought for the honeymoon. But we found no lingerie, no hat and gloves for my betrothed, and no little cute extras for the day. I didn't even make it around to grocery shopping because we ended up hanging out with our guys who had sequestered themselves to our house to avoid the estrogen fest.

So, today, I have to do the grocery shopping, host a lunch for a groomsman and his girlfriend, watch football, and still try to get something done for the wedding so I don't feel like we accomplished nothing this weekend! Phew. I'm tired already.

More coffee.......

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