Monday, January 4, 2010


Well, I am happy to announce that we were FAR more productive this weekend than we were last weekend. My betrothed put the finishing touches on two of his projects and started a third. I put the finishing touches on one and started two.

Mom and I spent three hours on our feet at my kitchen table (which is counter-height and for these projects that has been so very handy) cutting fabric that I bought on clearance for table toppers. They aren't going to be large enough to completely eliminate the white linens the venue provides, but it will provide the splashes of color and ambiance I want here and there. We still have a bit to do to finish those out, but I think we are very close to being done. Perhaps another two hours worth of work for this coming weekend. Sunday, I completely finished my guest book. Not to sound too proud, but I love it. It looks very homemade, but I actually dig it for this project. I made both covers by hand, put engagement photos and scrapbooking stickers on the pages, and tied it in ribbon. Then I started on the table decor. I'm turning empty wine bottles into something personal for each table.

Overall, I think it was a good weekend for wedding tasks. Let's see if I can manage to finish those project this week so that they don't linger like the others have!

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