Friday, January 15, 2010

Making the most illness?

The doc said I have bronchitis, most likely caused by seasonal allergies since I've been diagnosed by that doc for bronchitis in the winter time (every other year in the winter to be exact) four times. I knew my eyes itched after the cold front last week, but I didn't have a clue it would lead to an infection that would knock me on my butt! So, I'm home again today. That was a hard decision because it uses up my precious vacation time. But I still feel extremely weak. I'm coughing a great deal. Oh, and the antibiotics have made me more ill than the illness did. Don't you just love that?!

So, I'm making the most of being stuck on the couch (between the fevered sweats) with my laptop. I ordered these gorgeous tags for our favors from Davita Photography on Etsy, but in different colors. I love that yellow, but I wanted something slightly more neutral.

Now, I am looking for good waterproof mascara and possibly some lovely underthings after reading Mouse's post. I'm also hoping to finalize what sort of fill-in table decor we may need and order it today. I think that's about all I can manage with this crud in my chest. Hopefully those little things will help me feel accomplished.

Photo from Davita Photography.

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