Saturday, January 30, 2010

Can hardly wait!

I am so stinking happy that it's the weekend! This weekend is going to be exhausting, but totally worth while. My betrothed and I have our detail walk through at our venue to go over details of the day. HEHE! It's cool enough just to go there, but we have a meeting to detail our day! Yeah, it makes me giddy. Then I get to hang out with some awesome ladies for my hen party.

Side note: In the UK, it isn't bachelor and bachelorette parties. It's hen and stag parties. Really, I think they have it right on this one. Since I'm marrying a Brit, I think I can get away with calling it a hen party, don't you?

We're having dinner at the joint that I used to hang out at every single Friday night for a year and a half. Then we're headed to Pete's Piano Bar for some goofy head-to-head piano action. I'm petrified of trying to find something to wear though. I haven't really gone out since I met my lovely man, and I've put on a couple pounds. So, all of my going out clothes might really be a bust! Oh dear. No matter though. We will have fun.

And tomorrow....we have a lunch date with my uncle and a bridesmaid to plan the day out in order for the two of them to help us make it go the way we want. I LOVE my uncle. He's marrying us, and I just couldn't be more honored by that. It adds just one more layer of emotion to the whole affair.

Just couldn't help adding that picture! They're hens!!!! Hehe. From

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