Friday, January 22, 2010

The cut

We've decided that any not-yet-started projects are now cut! There are two rather sizable projects that never got started, and at this point, will never be. We'd rather not completely stress ourselves out and do a crappy job of them, so we're simply nixing them all together.

So, for the projects that will never be:
  1. Aisle Runner - I had every intention of blowing up a large monogram and painting it onto a simple custom runner with a ribbon trim.
  2. Photo Screens - I had an idea for two tri-fold screens to display photos, sort of like a static slideshow. One screen was going to be "Him", "Her", and "Us" for the three panels. The other screen was going to be in celebration of love and have a photo of any and all of our married couple friends and family. Then a lot of divorces popped up during our engagement. This started seeming like a strained idea. The screens never got made. The photos never gathered.
Better to finish the projects we have going than to stress out over the ones that aren't going to happen, right? Right.

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