Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Outside the box - Our venue

We actually went to this venue first. We liked it so much that it became the benchmark for the other two venues. So, perhaps they never had a chance. We chose it because it was indoors, but looks like it's outdoors. It has an amazing water feature. It has covered parking. They provide all sorts of things including tables, chairs, white linens, and some table decor in the rental fee. Plus, Geni has just been a doll to work with. All in all, it just seemed completely right for us.

We went with the Atriums at Park West, which is the atrium in an office complex. The atrium is rented out by Creative Cuisine Group, who is doing all of our food. We're doing an Italian theme, and they have been very accommodating. They have tweaked items on their regular menu and added new items for us. When I told them I wanted a cocktail reception, we didn't get any sass and weren't made to feel that we were short-changing our guests. Plus, the space is a blank canvas! The trees and fountain are fixed, but everything else can be moved to create any space we choose. We are hoping a slightly unconventional setup for the ceremony will work out. We're very pleased, and I just cannot wait to walk down the aisle....where ever we chose for the aisle to be!

Photos by Creative Cuisine Group.

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