Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Takes the cake

We visited our cake guy again last week to hand over some key items and settle up our bill. I love our cake guy. His name is Butch over at Delicious Cakes! in Addison. They have a location in Ft. Worth as well. I met Butch at the Ft. Worth bridal show. He had a green chef's jacket with a button that had bridezilla with one of those red cross out jobs over it. That cracked me up! I started talking with him.....then I tried the cake. Wow! So, I set an appointment.

I really didn't have a clue what I wanted in a bridal cake, but we had definite ideas about the groom's cake. I told him the ideas, which are a bit unorthodox, and he never balked. He never said....."honey, are you sure you wanna do this?!" Nope! He drew it out and added more embellishment than I could have provided. It was awesome. Then I showed him our colors and my wedding earrings and asked for suggestions on my cake. Apparently my earrings were great inspiration. He drew an entire cake from them!!! I get leaves (Woohoo!). My cake is cassata. His is Texas Turtle.

I'm very excited about our cakes, and I'm really glad we chose this bakery. Check them out!

Cake by Delicious Cakes! specialty gallery. And no, this is not my cake. :)

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