Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beat of a different drum

Shortly after we discussed getting married (decided to get married really, just no ring yet), I found the song I wanted to walk down the aisle. I asked my not-quite-fiance to play anything instrumental on his iPod that he had. One song came on and, BOOM! I knew. It was a song that set a tone for all the other songs in the ceremony. Our lineup was as follows:

Bridesmaids' March: Instrumental version of World Can't Tear Us Apart by Trivium
Bridal March: Nothing Else Matters (a Metallica cover) by Apocalyptica
Recessional: Instrumental Version of Still Alive (from the video game Portal) by GLaDOS

Obviously, not your traditional wedding music. We definitely decided to throw tradition out the window on this one. I absolutely loved it! It was really beautiful, and I felt like we snuck a little something in without anyone noticing. Trivium is one of my hubby's favorite metal bands. Metallica is one of my brother's favorite bands, and I love that particular song. Still Alive is a twisted little song from a video game that we (and all of our friends) love by a great songwriter. And most importantly, it made us happy.

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