Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why on earth?!

.....would a cat girl want a puppy?? Maybe I really do read too many healthy living blogs. I swear every single one of those women have at least one dog. Or maybe it's because I think that having a dog will force me to be active. Or maybe I am just ready for a pet that's a bit more interactive than my indifferent feline beauties. Whatever it is though, I can't get "dog" off the brain.

Don't I know that they're a pain in the butt? It would probably be far more expensive than the cats. The cats would hate this new creature in their space. I'd be responsible for the care of it, because, as much as my hubby might like a dog too, he doesn't care to be responsible for it. So, why, oh why, would I want to add responsibility and hassle to my life like this?!

And still, I found myself browsing PetFinder this weekend, and ran into this beauty. I even sent an inquiry. Oh I really, really want this or am I just losing my mind?! Ugh.....

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