Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I submitted out wedding to Meg at A Practical Wedding on Monday night, and it felt great! Now, she may never run it, but it's just nice to share my experiences and some of the discoveries that happened along the wedding path and beyond (hence the whole blog thing, right?).

Last night, laying in bed I thought....

"Oh! I forgot to tell Meg that we had invitations in two languages."

"Oh! I forgot to tell Meg that we had a reference to bells on our RSVP cards, so we put bells in people's chairs to ring when we had our first kiss. And I even made bell bouquet jewelry for the ladies so they could just shake their bouquets....which were also handmade by us."

"Oh, and I forgot to tell her that the invitations had intertwined trees on it, and we used the Captain Morelli's Mandolin quote about love being line intertwined trees."

And on and on, just like that.

Then it happened. The epiphany......are you ready for it......because I said it out loud in bed.....

"Wow.....I really did a lot for our wedding," stated very calmly but with a twinge of utter revelation. To which, my love called me his banana and thunked me lightly on the noggin. Totally appropriate! Ugh. Sometimes, you just don't see the whole picture till you're removed from it!

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