Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In my dreams?

I had a dream this weekend that this turned into a food blog, so I had photos of every meal. I believe this is a testament to how many food blogs I've started to read and how inspiring I find them! I've always loved food, and I try very hard to cook meals that I would consider a balance of delicious and health-conscious. But these ladies take it to levels above and beyond anything I ever considered. I walk through Central Market looking for ingredients that I'd never even heard of a month ago. Then I made healthy brownies. Healthy brownies?! And.....they were good. We even went to a self-serve frozen yogurt place (which I didn't know existed till I saw it a half dozen times) during the long weekend. It was heavenly!

I think I'll try to start documenting some of our better dinners to post once a week. Maybe it will spark someone else....or at least help them with their meal planning every once in a blue moon.

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