Sunday, June 6, 2010

The little fail that could

Cooler of beer, group of good friends that kept us laughing all evening, a park next to the lake with a great breeze, a blanket under a bank of shady trees, and barbecue from Metlzer's make a great way to spend an evening. Finding out that the fireworks you went to said park to watch without having to deal with the hoards of people on the other side of the lake are just below the tree line.....well, let's just say that the fireworks made the evening fun in the most unexpected way. We could only see the very top of the sparkled plumes and the occasional high flier. So, we stood by the shoreline making jokes about them instead. Really wretched jokes that you wouldn't want children to hear. And of course, the fireworks were MY idea. Way to go, me! Thankfully, no one seemed to care because the place and the people were highly enjoyable. Fireworks were not necessary. The best part, it was largely unplanned. One couple asked on Friday what we were doing Saturday evening. The other couple called while we were out there. Spontaneous fun is very often the best kind.

Let's see what Sunday has in store!

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