Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What a day!

What looks wrong about that photo? HAHA! That's my almost 30 year old television on the flat screen stand connected to the TiVo, but NOT the XBox because there aren't enough connections on such an old TV. I'm almost amazed the TiVo works. And the remote is so bad that we can't change channels or use the volume controls. So, we've been using the buttons on the front of the TV. When was the last time you got up to turn up the volume on your TV?! I feel totally retro.

As you can see, the good TV is still out for repair. The freezer, however, seems to be working. I have a pint of Ben & Jerry's in there just to see if it will survive. The hubby is calling it our "canary" since the ice cream was the first indicator that the freezer was going out both times it's died. Does this mean I need to keep a pint of ice cream in the freezer at all times now? Yeah, I think so.

And in other news......MY SHOP IS OPEN! Please go check it out on Etsy. I only have two items listed, but I hope to keep adding to it. Also, I know that the header needs to be resized. That's happening tomorrow. Just in case the link above doesn't work, the site is:

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