Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So, there's a side effect from reading healthy living/eating blogs. It makes me want to eat better! Who knew, right?! (Heh, yeah, I know. That's the point.) I've learned about so many products that I'd never heard of like skyr, almond milk, chia seeds, and quinoa. I realize I probably should have heard of all these things, as they are at the local Central Market that I stalk. Well, all but the chia seeds. But some of that stuff is just foreign to me still. I'm working on that.

The other side effect is that I seem to want to MAKE more things from scratch. I'm a convenience cooker. Now, I try to make the convenience food as healthy as possible by reading labels, but there's only so much you can do from a mix or a manufactured, finished product. Lately, I don't want the mass produced, preservative latent, stuff I can't pronounce filled food. I want food that I know what every single product is. I'm finding it now that I'm looking for it. But I'm also making it. I made a fantastic healthy batch of brownies (I tweaked the recipe by using whole wheat flour, organic eggs, and plain fat-free yogurt) and probably the best banana nut bread (again, I used one whole organic egg instead of egg whites) I've ever eaten. Baking from scratch....well, I forgot how fulfilling it is!

Next, I really want to make my own granola bars. Anyone seen a recipe I should try?? This is the closest I've come to one that I want to make. I'd have to swap the apricot for something else, as it's just not my thing, but I love the idea of using silken tofu as the protein base.

We'll see how much longer I can keep this up!

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