Monday, June 14, 2010

Best speech ever. No, seriously.

So, if you read the post I referred to yesterday on the hubby's D&D blog, then you might be curious about this speech that he mentioned. Well, the speech was by his best friend/best man/our former roommate/the guy that got to see us fall in love first-hand. Best man is a very unique person. He's one of those people that you either LOVE or HATE.

Speaking of hate, that's how the best man's speech started, "I hate (the groom)." Then a long pause when every guest (and my brand new husband and I) drew in a collective huge breath because no one knew where this was going or what was happening next. Where do you go from I hate my best friend, really?!

Apparently where you go from there is to a level of sheer brilliance that no one expected. He moved on to give a little background between he and the husband and of his experience as the outsider witnessing the birth of our relationship. It was very touching. I'm AMAZED neither of us cried.

Then......he proclaimed that our vows were lacking, because he knew us and felt that we'd missed a few things. He made us go repeat-after-me style. First, he made the new hubby repeat things like: "I'm wrong, you're right" and "Yes, I want to watch that cooking show with you".

Then me. Mine were cruel. "Yes, I want to play Dungeons & Dragons" and "In fact, I want to roll a character RIGHT NOW!". To which the hubby almost pulled out his iTouch to pull up the dice application. I literally cringed. He'd done the unthinkable. He made me vow to play in a D&D game. I cannot tell you how much that pained me, but I think the look on my face speaks volumes. I guess he finally got me back for tricking him into eating a turkey burger over two years ago and telling him after he'd proclaimed it delicious!

And back to hate....he ended the speech by saying that the reason he hated my husband so much was because my husband had raised the bar on friendship to a level that most people just cannot match, and thus had changed what he expected a friend to be forever. I think that says something, don't you?

It was an epic speech. People are still talking about it. Nichole, our photographer, said that in her years of wedding photography, that may have been one of the best speeches ever. And one got it on tape. No one thought to video our speeches. I'm okay with it though, because I remember how it felt to hear those words, to laugh to the point of tears, to be moved by our nearest and dearest, and to be honored by their words.

Photos by A Love Story Photography.....Please note the glee in the husband and the best man's eyes as they're making me vow these things. For reference, I am playing in the husband's next campaign. I'll be sure to give you the scoop as it happens. I'm scared to death!

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