Monday, June 21, 2010

Granola Bars - Attempt #1

As I mentioned, I want to make more of our food from scratch so that I know what went into it. I'd just like a little more control over what we eat. Yesterday, I attempted my first granola bars! As with most first, I really don't think this one was completely on the mark.

I used this recipe from Eating Well, with some changes. The changes were that I subbed agave nectar for honey, cranberries for apricots, and almonds for walnuts. I kept the ratios the same though.

Two things worked against me. One, I need a better pan. My baking sheet is very old, so I lined it with parchment and cooking spray in attempt to prevent sticking. Yeah, total failure. It was a massive undertaking to get the paper off the bars, and some were simply discarded because the paper was fused to the bar. Two, my oven has a hot spot. I know this, and rotated the pan, but apparently that wasn't enough. A good chunk of corner was burned.

Overall, these bars have a nice chewiness, but something just seems off. I'll be trying a different recipe next time that involves yogurt as the protein source instead of tofu.

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