Monday, June 7, 2010

Power of productivity

Productivity is intoxicating. I find that when I can look back on a day or a week and feel that I actually managed to get something done (for a change), it really does amazing things for my spirit. I suddenly feel that I am capable of seeing things through, and that's something I very often forget. Then it inspires me to one-up myself.

It's going to be hard to one-up this weekend. I got some much needed shopping done for essentials that I'd been putting off forever. (This required the hubby to convince me to unclench my little tight-wad fists and fork over the dough.....but a girl can only put off buying foundation garments so long before it's just sad.) I managed to hang out in a relaxing manner with the hubby and friends. That was attempted, but not completely accomplished, last weekend. I'd sort of been reclusive other than going to Scarborough, so it was a nice reconnection. Sunday, I reorganized my man's closet. His clothes were so jumbled and cramped that he really had no idea what he owned anymore. That's my fault, so I felt I needed to fix it. I also went through a box of papers that he'd laid aside for me to look at before our wedding. Things were either filed and labeled, shredded, or tossed. No more box staring at me every day. A tidy, organized space brings a sense of calm that cannot be duplicated by shoving things in corners.

This week, we should have all the repairs around the house completed. We went through an odd string of breakages including our freezer, modem, router, television, and possibly TiVo. No fun. But, soon, we'll be back in working order (oh please, oh please) and back on with life as usual. I suppose that is an accomplishment in itself.

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