Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Repair day!

Well, today is a day of waiting, but for a good cause.

I have to drop the television off at a repair shop at 9am. I hope they can get it back to us in a timely manner. We don't really have an adequate backup! Guess we'll be using the laptop as a television.....(gasp) doing something that doesn't involved watching a show. Perhaps there's a tiny piece of me that would be okay if there was no television for a couple days. It forces us to find other, perhaps less mind-numbing activities.

After the television is dropped off, it's time to wait for the freezer repair man. Now, if you've never had your freezer die on you, can I just say that it's incredibly difficult to go for a few weeks without needing something frozen! You may think you don't use your freezer very often, but it become crystal clear after you've been without one that they are essential. No frozen vegetables to fall back on. No ice cream to snack on. No ice. No where to put raw meat if you can't use it all fast enough. It's a total pain! I am really looking forward to having the darn thing back.

I hope they can get the freezer repaired with a little day left over so that I can go grocery shopping! I am on a bit of a strike until it's fixed. Some food spoiled, and I find that wholely unacceptable.

And what shall I be doing during all this waiting? I'm making whole wheat banana nut bread from scratch, painting my toenails, and hopefully getting some beading done. Such a good day! Ahhhh.....productivity and relaxation all in one day in the middle of the week. I really cannot ask for more.

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